IRS Account Monitoring

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your IRS Account with Our Expert Monitoring Service

Navigate IRS account management effortlessly with our IRS Account Monitoring Service. Designed to give you peace of mind, it ensures your tax affairs are in order and keeps you updated on all IRS account activities. Previously only available to tax planning clients, we are now offering IRS account monitoring to all of our clients.

Our Service Includes

  • Early detection of most audits, up to six months in advance.
  • Advanced protection against identity theft.
  • A detailed annual tax analysis report.
  • Identification of refundable old penalties, sometimes from years ago.
  • An additional 3.5 hours for IRS and state notice responses.
  • Affordable Peace of Mind: Just $29 a month.

How It Works

Available as an add-on for tax prep clients and included for tax planning clients. Once signed up, we submit Form 8821, granting us IRS account access.

Initial Report
We conduct an initial review for missed opportunities and discrepancies once your Form 8821 is processed. Expect insights on penalty abatements and a detailed report of our findings.

Monthly Monitoring
Monthly checks on your account identify new developments early, sometimes catching audits six months in advance.

Annual Checkup
We perform a year-end review to ensure your IRS records match your filed tax returns and highlight any inconsistencies.

Business Accounts Too
Offered for clients with payroll or past IRS issues. Includes specialized monitoring for business and payroll accounts.

Please Note
While we aim for thorough monitoring, it’s possible that not all IRS activities will be detected.

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